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Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2020: From the flute to the Sudarshan Chakra, every special thing in Krishna's life was gifted to him, he teaches that others should adopt good things

Nanda Baba gave flute to Sri Krishna,Radha gave Morpunkh and Parashurama gave Sudarshan Chakra

Sri Krishna received many gifts in his life, some gifts were always with him.

The birth anniversary of Shri Krishna is celebrated in Bhado month. August 12 is Janmashtami.  Due to almanac distinction, Krishna birth anniversary will be celebrated at some place on August 11. 

Janmashtami will be celebrated on 12 August in Dwarka and Mathura.  The entire life of Lord Krishna is ideal from a management perspective. 

Most of the things related to Shri Krishna's personality, which were a major part of his life, were all gifted to him. 

All these things are mentioned in texts like Bhagavata, Padmapuran, Brahmavaivartpuran, Garga Samhita.  The relationship of these things is mentioned in different ways in different texts.

Like, flute from Nandababa, Morepunkh from Radha.  These things are the identity of Shri Krishna.  They say that wherever a person can get something good, he should take it out in his life.  One should learn the good habits of others, take knowledge and respect the things received from loved ones.

Nand Baba gave the flute and Radha gave the peacock.


Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2020: From the flute to the Sudarshan Chakra, every special thing in Krishna's life was gifted to him, he teaches that others should adopt good things

Sri Krishna had received many gifts in his life and most of the gifts were always with him.  Nanda Baba gave a flute to Balakrishna.  He always kept this gift of childhood with him.

Life Management - The flute is hollow inside, but with its sweet voice captivates others.  The lesson of the flute is that we should keep our conduct free from evils like ego, greed, anger and speak all sweet.

Vejayanti garland and Morpankha

When Shri Krishna grew up a little, while doing Raslila, Radha presented the Vejayanti Mala and Morpankha to the Lord.  Sri Krishna wears this garland around his neck and in a peacock crown.

Life management - Vyjayanti Mala means the garland that leads to victory.  Its message is that we should remain positive in every situation, only then success and victory prevail.  Peacock learns to show respect for nature.  Love should be maintained towards all living beings.

Conch and bow

Shri Krishna came to Ujjain, Sandipani's ashram to study.  At that time, a monster named Shankhasura had taken the son of the Guru as a prisoner.  Sri Krishna freed Guru Putra from the monster.  He got conch from Shankhasura.  Which is known as Panchajanya.  Guru Sandipani presented a bow named Ajitanjaya.

Life Management- Sagittarius is a symbol of will power.  Ajitanjaya means one who is invincible, who also has the ability to win.  With will power, we can do any impossible looking work.  Panchajanya means the benefactor of five people.  We should help those who do the work according to religion.

Sudarshan Chakra

After receiving education, Shri Krishna met Parashurama, an incarnation of Vishnu.  Parashurama presented Sudarshan Chakra to Sri Krishna.  After this cycle was always with Shri Krishna. The Sudarshan Chakra was built by Shivji to slay Tripurasura.  Later Shiva gave Sudarshan Chakra to Lord Vishnu.

Life management- Sudarshan means looking beautiful.  Shrikrishna had killed many demons, eliminated evils from this cycle.  One should keep his personality beautiful.  We will stay away from evils, only then our personality can become beautiful.

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