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Shri Krishna And Sudama Famous Story Of True Friendship

Sudama was a poor Brahmin. He and his family lived a life of extreme poverty and plight.  For many days, he had to survive by eating very little. Many times he had to sleep hungry.  Sudama blamed himself for his and his family's plight. He also had the idea of ​​committing suicide several times.

Animated Story in English

Story Narration in Hindi
By Famous Story teller Mr.Neelesh Misra

He often expressed his views to his wife with a sad heart.  His wife used to comfort him.  He once reminded Sudama of his supreme friend Sri Krishna, who was then the king of Dwarka.  In childhood, Sudama and Shri Krishna lived together and they were educated together in the ashram of Sandipan Muni.

Sudama's wife urged Sudama to go to him and said, "Sri Krishna is very kind, so he will surely help us." Sudama said hesitantly, "Sri Krishna is a mighty king and I am a poor Brahmin. 

How can I go to them and ask for help? ”His wife immediately replied,“ So what happened?  There is no discrimination in friendship.  You must ask for help from them. 

I couldn't see the hunger and thirst of the children. ”Finally, Sudama agreed to go to Shri Krishna.  His wife asked for some rice from neighbors and brought it to Sudama to present to his friend.  Sudama left for Dwarka.


Upon arriving at the palace gate, the guards there prevent Sudama from entering the palace.  Sudama said that he is a childhood friend of King Krishna, and that he will not leave without seeing him.

This thing reached the ears of Shri Krishna as well.  As soon as he heard the name of Sudama, his happiness was gone.  He rushed barefoot to meet Sudama.  Both embraced each other and tears of joy came out of both their eyes.  Sri Krishna took Sudama inside the palace with respect.

He himself washed Sudama's dirty feet.  Situated him on his own throne.  The wives of Shri Krishna also continued in the respect of both of them.  The two friends dined together and recalled their childhood days at the ashram.


While eating, when Krishna asked Sudama about the gift he had brought for him, Sudama was ashamed and hesitated to remove the rice in his dirty bag.  But Shri Krishna snatched it from the hands of the bundle Sudama and started eating those rice with great fervor.

 After the meal, Shri Krishna put Sudama to sleep on his own soft bed, and while sitting there, kept pressing Sudama's feet till he could not sleep.

After staying there for a few days, Sudama asked Krishna to leave.  Sri Krishna along with his family gave a sweet farewell to Sudama.
During this, Sudama could not tell his friend the exact reason for coming to Dwarka and he returned to his house without solving his problems.

He could not understand what he would answer to his wife and children, who were eagerly waiting for him.  The sad faces of his family members were repeatedly coming in front of Sudama.

But in the meantime Shri Krishna had fulfilled his duty.  Sudama's broken hut was turned into a beautiful and huge palace.

His wife and children, wearing beautiful clothes and jewelery, stood to welcome him.  He became rich by the grace of Shri Krishna. 

Sudama was not even sorry for not getting any help from Shri Krishna.  In fact Sri Krishna proved to be a true friend of Sudama, who helped poor Sudama in his bad times.


Education: This story teaches us that our bitter friends are our only companions for our happiness / they leave us all in times of sorrow / There may be only one friend in millions who helps us even in times of calamity.  Does  Such a friend is our true friend.

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