Thursday, June 18, 2020

What is the 'Successful Life' ?

Once Arjuna asked Krishna -

Madhav .. What is this 'successful life'?

Krishna took Arjuna to fly a kite. Arjun was watching Krishna flying a kite carefully.

After a while Arjun said-

Madhav... Because of this thread, the kite is not able to go up and down with its freedom, should we break it? It will go up.

Krishna broke the thread ..

The kite went up a bit and then came down after waving and fell away to an unknown place ...

Then Krishna explained the philosophy of life to Arjuna ...
Parth. 'The height we are in life ..
We often feel that some of the things that we are bound by are preventing us from going further; like :

And we want to be free from them…

Actually these are the threads - which keep us at that height ..

Without these threads, we will go up once, but later on we will have the same fate as the kite of a thread ..

So, if you want to stay on high in life, never break the relationship with these threads.

Hare Krishna.

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