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Complete Story Of Lord Krishna In Brief - Part 2

Krishna reached Vrindavan

Vasudev ji got out after putting baby Krishna in the soup. They reached Nanda's house in Vrindavan, crossing the tumultuous Yamuna. After putting the child to sleep, they came back with their daughter. After reaching back the gate closed automatically.

As soon as Kansa got the news that Devaki had given birth to the child, he immediately came to the prison. As soon as Kansa tried to snatch and slam her, that girl immediately flew into the air and said - O evil creature, what will you get by killing me, your slayer has reached Vrindavan. She disappeared after speaking so much.

Kansa sends elusive Asuras to kill Shri Krishna

Kansa was horrified as his time was born and escaped from his clutches. Now Kansa started bothering to kill Shri Krishna. Then he sent Rasakshi named Putana to kill Shri Krishna.

Pootna took the form of a beautiful woman and went to Vrindavan to feed Sri Krishna with her poisonous breast. Shri Krishna cut Pootana's breast while drinking milk. At the time of biting, Pootna came into her true form and died. When Kansa got information about this, he became depressed and worried.

After some time, he sent another demon to kill Shri Krishna. He took the form of the demon heron and immediately swooped in to kill Shri Krishna, and Krishna threw him away. After which that monster went straight to hell. Since then, that demon has been named Vakasur.

Kansa then sent Kalia Nag. Then Shri Krishna fought with him and later he started dancing while playing flute on the head of Nag. After that Kalia Nag went away. Similarly, Shri Krishna killed many demons of Kamsa.

When Kansa felt that this could not happen with the demons. Then Kansa himself set out to kill Shri Krishna.

The two fought and Shri Krishna killed Kansa.

Shri Krishna Ras Leela

Shri Krishna used to play Ras Lila with Gopis in Gokul and play his flute.

All the Gokul residents, animals and birds etc. were very happy to hear the tune of their flute and they loved this voice very much.

Sri Krishna loved Radha in Gokul.

Krishna-Balarama's education in Ujjain

Sri Krishna's abode was ending and now the state was also in fear.

That is why Shri Krishna and Balarama were sent to Ujjain for education.

In Ujjain, the two brothers started receiving education and initiation in the ashram of Sandipani Rishi.

Friendship with Sudama and post of Dwarkadhish

In the same ashram, Shri Krishna befriended Sudama. They were close friends.Discussions of their friendship were far and wide.

Along with education and initiation, after learning the weapon, he returned and became the king of Dwarikapuri.

Marriage of Sri Krishna and Rukmini

There is a town called Amjhera in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. At that time there was the kingdom of King Bhishmak. He had five sons and a very beautiful daughter. His name was Rukmini. She had dedicated herself to Shri Krishna.

When he finds out from his friends that his marriage has been finalized. Rukmini then sent a message to Sri Krishna at the hands of an old Brahmin. As soon as Shri Krishna received this message, he immediately left from there. Shri Krishna came and kidnapped Rukmini and brought her to Dwarikapuri.

Shishupala also followed Shri Krishna who was married to Rukmini. In Dwarikapuri, there was a fierce battle with the two brothers Shri Krishna and Balaram's army and Shishupala's army. In which Shishupala's army was destroyed.

The marriage of Shri Krishna and Rukmini was done very pompously and lawfully. Rukmini was at the top of all the Krishna's tracks.

Knowledge of Krishna became Sarathi and Srimad Bhagavad Gita in Mahabharata

Shri Krishna was also the charioteer of the chariot of archer Arjuna in the war of Mahabharata.

Shri Krishna gave many teachings to Arjuna during the war, which proved very helpful for Arjuna to fight the war. These teachings were the teachings of the Gita which were told by Shri Krishna.

This sermon is also known today as Srimad Bhagavad Gita. Lord Krishna had ensured the outcome of this war without taking up arms in this war.

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