Monday, June 22, 2020

Complete Story Of Lord Krishna In Brief - Part 3

In this war of Mahabharata, after conquering religion by religion, Pandavas destroyed the entire Kaurava dynasty including the unrighteous Duryodhana.

Duryodhana's mother Gandhari believed Lord Krishna to be the reason for the death of his sons and the destruction of the Kaurava dynasty.

That is why after the end of this war, when
Lord Krishna went to console Gandhari, distraught in the grief of his sons, the angry Gandhari got angry and cursed Shri Krishna that the way the destruction of my Kaurava dynasty is done by fighting each other. In the same way, Yaduvansh will also be destroyed. After this Shri Krishna came to the city of Dwarika.

Curse of sage Durvasa

Even after almost 35 years of the Mahabharata war, Dwarka was very calm and happy.

Gradually, the sons of Shri Krishna became very powerful and in this way the whole Yaduvansha became very powerful.

It is said that once Lord Krishna's son Samb had insulted Durvasa Rishi after being subjected to fickleness.

After this, Durvasa Rishi came in anger and cursed Samb for the destruction of Yaduvansh. With being powerful, sin and crime had increased in Dwarka now. Sri Krishna was very sad to see such an atmosphere in his happy Dwarka.

He suggested his subjects to get rid of their sins by going to the banks of the river Prabhas, after which all the people went to the banks of the river Prabhas but due to the curse of Durvasa Rishi, all the people drunkenly drunk and argued with each other.

Began His debate took the form of civil war which destroyed the entire Yaduvansh.

Death of sri krishna

According to the Bhagavata Purana, it is believed that Shri Krishna was very distressed after seeing the destruction of his descendant Leela. Due to this agony he started living in the forest.

One day while he was resting in a yoga sleep under a peepal tree in the forest, then a hunter named Jara considered his leg to be a deer and hit him with poisoned arrows.

The arrow fired by Zara pierced the soles of Sri Krishna's feet.

Sri Krishna gave up his body as an excuse for the poisoned arrow and sat in the form of Narayana in Baikuntha Dham.

The city of Dwarka, inhabited by Shri Krishna, along with renouncing the body, also merged into the sea.


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