Sunday, June 28, 2020

Devshayani Ekadashi 2020

Lord Vishnu going to sleep from July 1, auspicious work will be stop.

This Ekadashi also called Harishyani Ekadashi, Devshayani Ekadashi, Padma Ekadashi, Padmanabha Ekadashi, is coming on July 1 this year.

Ekadashi, called Harishyani Ekadashi, Devshayani Ekadashi, Padma Ekadashi, Padmanabha Ekadashi, is coming on July 1 this year.

From this day Chaturmas rules for householders start.  It is clear from the name Devshayani Ekadashi that on this day Srihari goes to sleep.  During this period, four months stay at Bali, the King of Srihari Patal.

Chaturmas is actually a time for ascetics to guide society.  Even if the common man speaks only the truth in these four months, he will see spiritual light inside him.  In these four months, no suspicious work - like marriage, new home entry etc. is done.

In 2020, Devauthani Ekadashi is on 25 November 2020 (Wednesday). Why?  So the only reason behind this is that you are completely immersed in devotion to God, just worship God.

In the changing season, when the body's ability to fight against diseases is very low, fasting, fasting and worshiping God are considered very beneficial for attaining spiritual power.

In fact, these are the days when the influence of negative powers starts increasing and the auspicious powers begin to weaken, in such a situation it is necessary that the auspicious powers are kept awake by Dev Pujan.

With the rise of the deity from Devprabodhini Ekadashi, the auspicious powers become effective and the negative powers begin to wane.

Lord Vishnu awakens on the day of Prabodhini Ekadashi after four months of Devshayani Ekadashi.

Devshayani Ekadashi falls immediately after the famous Jagannath Rath Yatra and according to the English calendar, Devshayani Ekadashi falls in the month of June or July.

Chaturmas, which is a four-month self-rule period according to the Hindu calendar, begins with Devshayani Ekadashi.

The end of Ekadashi fast is called Parana.  Parana is done after sunrise on the next day of Ekadashi fast.  It is very important to observe Ekadashi fast before the end of Dwadashi.

If Dwadashi Tithi has ended before sunrise, then Ekadashi fasting is only after sunrise.  Not doing Parana within Dwadashi date is like committing a sin.

Devotees desirous of the love and affection of Lord Vishnu are advised to observe Ekadashi fast on both days.

Devshayani Ekadashi is on Wednesday, July 1, 2020.

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