Tuesday, June 30, 2020


To be successful in any field, one has to take the support of three sutras.

 1. Determination of goals
 2. Having an interest and
 3. Utilization of capabilities.

 Determination of life goals: -

 Just like a map to the country, and the ship driver needs a direction indicator.  Similarly, determination of goals is very important in human life.  Continuing the realization of what is to be and what to do, efforts go in that direction.  There is a saying that 'the wind never flows to the sailor who does not know the last port of his journey'.  That is, he keeps wandering aimlessly with sea pats.  A person without goals has the same predicament.

  The first need is to set a definite goal.

 Having an interest: -

 Arouse enthusiasm and enthusiasm for the goal that has been chosen - to engage.  If enthusiasm for the goal, not enthusiasm, if you do not get the help, success will always remain doubtful.

Half-heartedly, no significant achievement can be expected at work such as postponement.  There is a theory of psychology that 'enthusiasm and enthusiasm' is the source of powers.

 In its absence, mental powers, despite being full, are unable to be used in any work.

 Utilization of Capabilities: -

 Time is the most important of the available assets.  The ability of body, mind and brain and the proper use of time-like wealth lead to unusual achievements.  Miraculous results result from the proper use of each moment of time in the direction of the set goal.

 There is no significant difference when comparing the initial capacity, ability and other external conditions of successful and unsuccessful individuals.  Even then, there is a difference of sky and earth in the situation of both.

 The only reason for this is that one planned his abilities towards a definite goal, while the other's goallessness and disorganization persisted in his life.

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