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On International Yoga Day and Coronavirus

Fearing the coronavirus, all people are becoming cautious about their health.  This is very important and this habit should be maintained as the Corona crisis does not seem to be over.  No treatment has yet been found for Corona and Taman experts are advising to strengthen the immunity system to fight it.  It is being told that this virus affects the weak body more.

 Strengthening immune power is not a one-day job.  For this, regular diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle are required.
If you are really looking for ways to boost your immunity then you can also do yoga asana.  On the occasion of the International Day of Yoga, we are telling you about some easy exercises that you can do in your home.

 Yoga has been used for centuries to keep the body functioning fit and fine.  However, the benefits of yoga are not limited to stress relief and mental well-being.  If practiced properly, yoga can recharge your body, get rid of toxins, negative energy, and keep your vital organs fine.  It can also help fight oxidative stress which poses a threat to healthy cells.  This can help reduce inflammation with stress.

Pranayama Aasan

 Pranayama is the simplest and effective asana to increase immunity.  It can increase strength energy in the body.  Both Sukhasana and Pranayama promote deep breathing.  This can help reduce stress hormones, smooth heart rate, relieve nervous distress.

 How to do Pranayama

 Start by sitting in a comfortable position, cross the legs, and keep the knees on the ground.
 Keep your body straight with the shoulders above the head above the hips and shoulders.
 Now, take deep breaths that extend to the spine and then exhale slowly.
 Hold the breath for at least 10 in this situation.

Matsyasan Aasan

Immune strengthening posture Matsyasana is an advanced posture that cleanses your body and increases energy levels.  Additionally, it can also open nasal passages and relieve discomfort.

 How to do matsyasan

 You can start from the lotus position.  Begin by raising your head and slowly, raising your chest.
 Be sure to give your chest a rest.  Shoulders should be easy and arms should be open.
 With your feet exposed, extend your legs straight down.
 Stay in this position for 2-3 minutes for maximum benefit.

Reverse Posture Aasan

As the name suggests, the opposite is usually done by placing the foot over the wall.  It also enhances nerve connections, improves blood flow and makes your body vital.  It is also said to be good for people suffering from fertility and fertility problems.

 Do the opposite

 Lay yoga mats or blankets on the floor.  Now, sit with your face facing the wall.
 Also, swing your legs against the wall by slightly rotating your hips and pelvis.
 Do not attempt to do the whole step at once, especially if you are a beginner.
 In this situation do not stress too much on the lower back and hamstring muscles.
 Try to lift the hip muscles slightly.
 Let your head move comfortably.  A little height will boost your blood flow and benefit more.
 - Stand in this position for at least 5-15 minutes.

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